Umphrey’s McGee – Hall of Fame: Class of 2015 (2016) [Web FLAC]

01 1348(15:00)
02 Rocker Part 2(14:42)
03 Wife Soup(09:43)
04 2×2(18:21)
05 Plunger(16:03)
06 Night Nurse(10:04)

07 #5(12:58)
08 Higgins(15:06)
09 Soul Food I(11:40)
10 Utopian Fir(20:12)
11 Red Tape(11:58)
12 Intentions Clear(14:59)
13 Cut the Cable(08:38)
14 Shine On You Crazy Diamond(13:34)

15 Front Porch(02:27)
16 Resolution(10:29)
17 Front Porch(03:16)
18 Root Beer Rag(02:30)
19 Front Porch(03:15)
20 Hey, Hey, What Can I Do(03:42)
21 Front Porch(02:05)

You’ve cast your ballots, we’ve counted the votes and the Class of 2015 is in. The annual Hall of Fame series features the best of best of the year as determined by the UM faithful. We’ve taken your top picks and turned them into a two-set show that encapsulates the essence of live UM: raw, energetic and inspired. Heavy on improvisation and stylistically diverse, it’s what you’ve come to expect from Umphrey’s McGee.
Nearly four hours of music have been meticulously stitched together to deliver you a new listening experience. This year’s offering was sourced from shows across the contiguous 48, from Georgia to New York, Illinois to Colorado. It features UM staples & HOF debuts alike, with a handful of special guests including Mad Dog’s Filthy Little Secret Horns and the Chicago Mass Choir.

1348 (02/20/15 Syracuse, NY)
Rocker Part 2 (02/06/15 Nashville, TN)
Wife Soup (08/14/15 Highland Park, IL)
2×2 (06/28/15 Peoria, IL)
Plunger (07/16/15 Boston, MA)
Night Nurse (08/20/15 Charlotte, NC)
#5 (01/16/15 New York, NY)
Higgins (05/23/15 Chillicothe, IL)
Soul Food I (10/26/15 Athens, GA)
Utopian Fir (01/30/15 Cincinnati, OH)
Red Tape (12/31/15 Denver, CO)
Intentions Clear (10/30/15 Milwaukee, WI)
Cut the Cable (07/03/15 Morrison, CO)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (07/03/15 Morrison, CO)
Front Porch (06/28/15 Peoria, IL)
Resolution (06/28/15 Peoria, IL)
Front Porch (06/28/15 Peoria, IL)
Root Beer Rag (06/28/15 Peoria, IL)
Front Porch (06/28/15 Peoria, IL)
Hey, Hey, What Can I Do (06/28/15 Peoria, IL)
Front Porch (06/28/15 Peoria, IL)