The Glitter Band – The Elektra Years 1978-1987 [4CD Box Set] (2016) [CD FLAC]

The Glitter Band - The Elektra Years 1978-1987 [4CD Box Set] (2016) [CD FLAC] Download

Artist: The Glitter Band
Album: The Elektra Years 1978-1987 [4CD Box Set]
Genre: Rock
Year: 2016
Size: ~ 1.14 gb
Source: CD
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Quality: lossless
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz / 16 Bit


2016 four CD set. This 56 track box set contains the first four studio albums recorded by The Glitter Band during the heyday of Glam, 1974-76. Disc One is the glam rock masterpiece Hey! Which spent three months in the UK National Charts, eventually peaking at #13. It features the hit singles ‘Angel Face’ (UK #8, Germany #8, Australia # 2) and ‘Just For You’ (UK # 10, Germany #35) plus a bonus non LP B-side. The second CD is the Rock N Roll Dudes album which hit #17 in the UK in May 1975. The hit singles ‘Let’s Get Together Again’ (UK. #8, Germany #19) and ‘Goodbye My Love’ (UK. #2, Germany #32) are included alongside two non LP B-sides. Listen To The Band is Disc Three and it includes the hit singles ‘The Tears I Cried’ (UK. # 8, Germany # 35, Australia # 5), ‘Love In The Sun’ (UK # 15) and ‘People Like You And People Like Me’ (UK # 5, Germany # 14) as well as the USA Top 100 “Makes You Blind” and the non-charting ‘Alone Again’. The final CD is 1976’s Paris Match album which includes the singles ‘Look What You’ve Been Missing’, ‘Lay Your Love On Me’ and ‘She Was Alright’. The album also now comes in it’s Glitter Band sleeve rather than The G Band one. The clam shell box also contains a 20 page booklet with detailed liner notes plus numerous pictures of singles from around the globe to get collectors updating their wants lists.


Disc: 1
1. Tell Him
2. Angel Face
3. Shout It Out
4. Sea Cruise
5. All I Have to Do Is Dream
6. Rock on
7. Just for You
8. Twisting the Night Away
9. Baby I Don’t Care
10. Sealed with a Kiss
11. I’m Celebrating
12. Gimme Some Loving
13. Angel Face (Reprise)
14. You Wouldn’t Leave Me Would You?

Disc: 2
1. For Always and Ever
2. Sweet Baby Blue
3. I Can’t Stop
4. Write Me a Letter
5. All My Love
6. Goodbye My Love
7. Game’s Up
8. Bring Her Back
9. Pictures of You
10. Do You Remember
11. You’re Trying to Hard
12. Let’s Get Together Again
13. Jukebox Queen
14. Got to Get Ready for Love

Disc: 3
1. Where Have You Been
2. People Like You and People Like Me
3. My First Mistake
4. Painted Lady
5. Let Me Love You
6. Dream Baby
7. Oh Well Never Mind
8. Watch the Show
9. Alone Again
10. Makes You Blind
11. The Tears I Cried
12. Until Tomorrow
13. Love in the Sun
14. I Can Hear Music
15. Don’t Make Promises (You Can’t Keep)
16. Tuna Biscuit

Disc: 4
1. Love Street
2. Lay Your Love on Me
3. I Really Didn’t Love Her at All
4. She Was Alright
5. Hard to Settle Down
6. Almost American
7. It’s Alright
8. You Never Walk Out on Your Baby
9. Look What You’ve Been Missing
10. Sympathy for the Devil
11. Gotta Get a Message Back to You
12. Move on Up