Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun (2000/2011) [Burning Shed 24-48]

Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun (2011)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/48 kHz | Time – 00:56:24 | 721 MB | Genre: Progressive Rock
Official Digital Download – Source: burningshed.com | Digital Booklet

Burning Shed 24 Bit Store:
“Originally released in 2000, this album contains the original studio versions of Porcupine Tree classics such as Shesmovedon, Russia On Ice, Hatesong, and Feel So Low. Includes downloadable artwork.”


Porcupine Tree – Fear Of A Blank Planet (2007/2011) [Burning Shed 24-48]

Porcupine Tree – Fear Of A Blank Planet (2007/2011)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/48 kHz | Time – 50:57 minutes | 723 MB | Genre: Rock
Studio Master, Official Digital Download  – Source: burningshed.com | Artwork: Printable covers

Porcupine Tree’s critically acclaimed 2007 album features six epic tracks that form part of a song-cycle that deals with, “A 21st century cocktail of MTV, sex, prescription drugs, video games, the internet, terminal boredom, and subsequent escape”. An aggressively modern merger of Rush’s arena art rock, UK prog classicism, Pink Floyd, King Crimson and the post grunge vengeance of Tool.


Porcupine Tree – Atlanta (2010) [Burning Shed 24-44.1]

Porcupine Tree – Atlanta (Live Performance) (2010)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time – 120:34 minutes | 1,37 GB | Genre: Rock
Official Digital Download – Source: burningshed.com | Digital Booklet

This download comprises a complete 2 hour live performance from the Fear of a Blank Planet tour. The show was recorded and mixed to the usual PT standards in order to provide material for a planned live album, but when the decision was taken to film much of the same repertoire in Holland for a major DVD release instead, the Atlanta recording ended up back in the vault. Now PT have decided to make it available in complete form as a download only release. Although the repertoire is similar to that on the Anesthetize DVD, the performance has its own atmosphere, and also includes the first ever officially released live recording of “A Smart Kid”.


Porcupine Tree – Metanoia (Reissue Remastered) (2009) [FLAC]

Porcupine Tree-Metanoia-Reissue Remastered-CD-FLAC-2009-FLaKJaX Download

Porcupine Tree-Metanoia-Reissue Remastered-CD-FLAC-2009-FLaKJaX

Description :


Artist. Porcupine Tree
Album.. Metanoia
Genre.. Progressive Rock
Year… 2009
Label.. Kscope/Snapper Music
Cat.No. KSCOPE121M
Street. 10.00.2009
Ripped. 06.07.2014
Url…. https://www.facebook.com/PorcupineTreeOfficial
Source. CD
Grabber EAC v1.0 beta 3 (Secure Mode)
Encoder FLAC 1.2.1 -8 -V
Bitrate 837kbps


01.Mesmer I [08:34]
02.Mesmer II [06:05]
03.Mesmer III / Coma Divine [13:16]
04.Door To The River [04:45]
05.Metanoia I / Intermediate Jesus [14:15]
06.Insignificance [04:57]
07.Metanoia II [10:56]
08.Milan [02:30]

Ttime 65:18 Min
Tsize 394.38 MB


This album is made up of improvisations recorded during the Signify sessions, some of
which were later shaped into songs.

Porcupine Tree – Warszawa (2005) [FLAC]

Porcupine Tree-Warszawa-Reissue Digipak-CD-FLAC-2005-FLaKJaX Download

Porcupine Tree-Warszawa-Reissue Digipak-CD-FLAC-2005-FLaKJaX

Description :


Artist. Porcupine Tree
Album.. Warszawa
Genre.. Progressive Rock
Year… 2005
Label.. Snapper Music
Cat.No. SMACD 892
Street. 01.00.2005
Ripped. 06.05.2014
Url…. https://www.facebook.com/PorcupineTreeOfficial
Source. CD
Grabber EAC v1.0 beta 3 (Secure Mode)
Encoder FLAC 1.2.1 -8 -V
Bitrate 971kbps


01.Even Less [07:37]
02.Slave Called Shiver [05:09]
03.Shesmovedon [05:22]
04.Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth…. [05:01]
05.Lightbulb Sun [06:00]
06.Russia On Ice [12:26]
07.Where We Would Be [03:40]
08.Hatesong [08:37]
09.Stop Swimming [07:08]
10.Voyage 34 [12:37]
11.Signify [05:41]

Ttime 79:18 Min
Tsize 539.29 MB


Warszawa (also known as Transmission 2.1) is a live album by British progressive rock
band Porcupine Tree, first released in February, 2004. It was recorded from a
broadcast for a Polish Radio Program III in Agnieszka Osiecka Studio on 6 April 2001.

Porcupine Tree – Stars Die: The Delerium Years 1991-1997 (2CD) (2002) [FLAC]

Porcupine Tree-Stars Die The Delerium Years 1991-1997-2CD-FLAC-2002-FLaKJaX Download

Porcupine Tree-Stars Die The Delerium Years 1991-1997-2CD-FLAC-2002-FLaKJaX

Description :


Artist. Porcupine Tree
Album.. Stars Die: The Delerium Years 1991-1997
Genre.. Progressive Rock
Year… 2002
Label.. Snapper Music
Cat.No. SMADD851
Street. 03.25.2002
Ripped. 05.13.2014
Url…. https://www.facebook.com/PorcupineTreeOfficial
Source. CD
Grabber EAC v1.0 beta 3 (Secure Mode)
Encoder FLAC 1.2.1 -8 -V
Bitrate 861kbps


CD1 Disc A – 1991-93

01.Radioactive Toy [10:10]
02.Nine Cats [03:51]
03.And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun [04:02]
04.Nostalgia Factory [07:34]
05.Voyage 34 – phase one [12:55]
06.Synesthesia – extended version [07:54]
07.Phantoms [03:14]
08.Up the Downstair [10:10]
09.Fadeaway [06:16]
10.Rainy Taxi [06:53]

CD2 Disc B – 1994-97

01.Stars Die [05:07]
02.The Sky Moves Sideways – phase one [18:37]
03.Men of Wood [03:35]
04.Waiting [04:30]
05.The Sound of No-one Listening [08:14]
06.Colourflow in Mind [03:50]
07.Fuse the Sky [04:34]
08.Signify II [06:04]
09.Every Home is Wired [05:14]
10.Sever [05:34]
11.Dark Matter [08:12]

Ttime 146:30 Min
Tsize 888.81 MB


A double CD set exploring the first five studio albums and various singles together
with previously unreleased tracks, new mixes and assorted rarities culled from
Porcupine Tree’s seven years with Delerium Records. Packaged in a foldout cardboard
box with transparent colored plastic sleeves for the CDs, and a 40 page booklet with
a band history written by Dann Chinn.

A few tracks were previously unreleased prior to this release as well as new mixes
that are exclusive to this release. See
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stars_Die:_The_Delerium_Years_1991%E2%80%931997 for
detailed info

Porcupine Tree – On The Sunday Of Life (Remastered) (2007) [FLAC]

Porcupine Tree-On The Sunday Of Life-Reissue Remastered-CD-FLAC-2007-FLaKJaX Download

Porcupine Tree-On The Sunday Of Life-Reissue Remastered-CD-FLAC-2007-FLaKJaX

Description :


Artist. Porcupine Tree
Album.. On The Sunday Of Life…
Genre.. Progressive Rock
Year… 2007
Label.. Kscope
Cat.No. KSCOPE122M
Street. 00.00.2007
Ripped. 05.13.2014
Url…. https://www.facebook.com/PorcupineTreeOfficial
Source. CD
Grabber EAC v1.0 beta 3 (Secure Mode)
Encoder FLAC 1.2.1 -8 -V
Bitrate 857kbps


01.Music For The Head [02:42]
02.Jupiter Island [06:12]
03.Third Eye Surfer [02:48]
04.On The Sunday Of Life… [02:12]
05.The Nostalgia Factory [07:27]
06.Space Transmission [02:59]
07.Message From a Self-Destructing Turnip [00:27]
08.Radioactive Toy [10:01]
09.Nine Cats [03:57]
10.Hymn [01:14]
11.Footprints [05:52]
12.Linton Samuel Dawson [03:04]
13.And The Swallows Dance Above The Sun [04:04]
14.Queen Quotes Crowley [03:57]
15.No Luck With Rabbits [00:47]
16.Begonia Seduction Scene [02:20]
17.This Long Silence [05:01]
18.It Will Rain For A Million Years [10:50]

Ttime 75:54 Min
Tsize 483.79 MB


Along with the A Psychedelic Psauna compilation, which featured the Porcupine Tree
track “Linton Samuel Dawson”, the newly formed Delerium label, formed by Freakbeat
editors Richard Allen and Ivor Trueman offered to reissue the cassettes Tarquin’s
Seaweed Farm and The Nostalgia Factory. Two hundred copies of each cassette were sold
through Freakbeat Magazine’s mail order, The Freak Emporium, and soon Porcupine Tree
became known as a mysterious new act amongst the then UK underground psychedelic
music scene.

Shortly thereafter, Delerium invited Wilson to sign with as one of the label’s
founder artists. The first release after this would be a double vinyl album and
single CD compiling the best material from his two cassettes, was released in mid-
1992 as On the Sunday of Life a title that was chosen from a long list of possible
nonsense titles compiled by Richard Allen. The rest of the music from the initial
tapes was released on the limited edition, compilation album Yellow Hedgerow

In 1992, Delerium released On the Sunday of Life as an edition of 1,000 copies,
complete with a deluxe gatefold sleeve. The album sold very well, particularly in
Italy, and it was briefly repressed on vinyl and has remained in print on CD ever
since its release. The album featured future concert favourite and frequent encore
song “Radioactive Toy”. By 2000, On the Sunday of Life… had accumulated sales of
more than 20,000 copies. On the Sunday of Life was originally meant to be a quadruple
(LP)/double (CD) album compiling both cassettes in full, but changed to the best
(according to Wilson) songs from the tapes. In 2004, Wilson remixed and remastered
all 3 tapes, releasing them as a 3-CD box set called “Footprints: Cassette Music
1988-1992”. This box was only distributed to family and friends.

This release is the reissued and remastered kscope super jewel case edition.

Porcupine Tree – Signify (1996) [FLAC]

Porcupine Tree-Signify-CD-FLAC-1996-FLaKJaX Download

Porcupine Tree-Signify-CD-FLAC-1996-FLaKJaX

Description :


Artist. Porcupine Tree
Album.. Signify
Genre.. Progressive Rock
Year… 1996
Label.. Delerium Records
Cat.No. DELEC CD045
Street. 09.00.1996
Ripped. 05.09.2014
Url…. https://www.facebook.com/PorcupineTreeOfficial
Source. CD
Grabber EAC v1.0 beta 3 (Secure Mode)
Encoder FLAC 1.2.1 -8 -V
Bitrate 732kbps


01.Bornlivedie [01:42]
02.Signify [03:26]
03.Sleep Of No Dreaming [05:25]
04.Pagan [01:35]
05.Waiting Phase One [04:25]
06.Waiting Phase Two [06:16]
07.Sever [05:31]
08.Idiot Prayer [07:38]
09.Every Home Is Wired [05:09]
10.Intermediate Jesus [07:29]
11.”Light Mass Prayers” [04:29]
12.Dark Matter [08:59]

Ttime 62:04 Min
Tsize 343.76 MB


Signify was the first Porcupine Tree album recorded as a full band unit, rather than
primarily by frontman Steven Wilson with occasional assistance from other musicians,
primarily the ones who would become full-time band members as of this album; Richard
Barbieri, Colin Edwin, and Chris Maitland. In 1995, the band would alternate between
touring in support of their last release, The Sky Moves Sideways, and writing and
recording the album, with Wilson describing it as “The album was recorded in quite a
piecemeal way with tracks written and recorded in batches of 2 or 3, followed by gaps
of up to 3 months. As such, a number of the songs, albeit in early forms, were
debuted live before the album’s release.

In addition to the change in sound coming from it being the first collaborative, full
band album as a whole, the album marked a transition in genre as well. The band’s
first three albums were characterized as being psychedelic rock and experimental
space rock. This album still retains these qualities, but at the same time, moves
closer to a more structured, radio-friendly and commercial sound, a style of
progressive rock that the band explored in a much stronger way in the bands
subsequent albums Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun. The album has been described as the
end an era, while simultaneously ushering in the dawn of a new age…It contains
sprawling, vague instrumental tunes as well as more straightforward, cleverly written
songs with a clear-cut song structure. A precursor to Stupid Dream and an epilogue to
Porcupine Tree’s psychedelic past. PopMatters later reflected that the album would
become to be known as the band’s krautrock album.

The title track of the album, “Signify”, actually originated as a demo cover version
of a song by the krautrock band Neu! titled “Hallogallo”, but upon the band
experimenting, evolved into an original song. The album was originally supposed to
end with the track “Signify II”, but was later trimmed off to shorten the album’s
overall run-time. The song is still based off the riff from the title track and
“Hallogallo”, but is less raw, has different segments, and extends to an almost
doubled length.

Porcupine Tree – Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (1994) [FLAC]

Porcupine Tree-Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape-CD-FLAC-1994-FLaKJaX Download

Porcupine Tree-Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape-CD-FLAC-1994-FLaKJaX

Description :


Artist. Porcupine Tree
Album.. Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape
Genre.. Progressive Rock
Year… 1994
Cat.No. MG4299325
Street. 00.00.1994
Ripped. 04.08.2014
Url…. https://www.facebook.com/PorcupineTreeOfficial
Source. CD
Grabber EAC v1.0 beta 3 (Secure Mode)
Encoder FLAC 1.2.1 -8 -V
Bitrate 645kbps


01.Mute [08:05]
02.Landscare [02:59]
03.Prayer [01:38]
04.Daughters in Excess [06:35]
05.Delightful Suicide [01:04]
06.Split Image [01:53]
07.No Reason to Live, No Reason to Die [11:07]
08.Wastecoat [01:11]
09.Towel [03:37]
10.Execution of the Will of the Marquis de Sade [05:08]
11.Track Eleven [03:01]
12.Radioactive Toy [05:58]
13.An Empty Box [03:13]
14.The Cross / Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape [20:45]
15.Music for the Head [01:23]

Ttime 77:37 Min
Tsize 398.96 MB


Limited to 2500 copies. This version includes Steven’s version of “The Cross” with
“Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape”. Many counterfeits of this release exist, however this
is not one of them. This one we have verified not to be. See for yourself in the pics
and check out this link>
http://voyage29.treenoise.net/album_yellowhedgerowdreamscape.html and look closely.
We may rip bootlegs if tagged accordingly, but never counterfeit pressings.

Hippie Out!

Porcupine Tree – XM (2003) [FLAC]

Porcupine Tree-XM-Limited Edition Digipak-CD-FLAC-2003-FLaKJaX Download

Porcupine Tree-XM-Limited Edition Digipak-CD-FLAC-2003-FLaKJaX

Description :


Artist. Porcupine Tree
Album.. XM
Genre.. Progressive Rock
Year… 2003
Label.. Transmission Recordings/Lava Records
Cat.No. Transmission 1.1
Street. 07.00.2003
Ripped. 04.08.2014
Url…. https://www.facebook.com/PorcupineTreeOfficial
Source. CD
Grabber EAC v1.0 beta 3 (Secure Mode)
Encoder FLAC 1.2.1 -8 -V
Bitrate 928kbps


01.Blackest Eyes [04:28]
02.The Sound of Muzak [05:05]
03.Gravity Eyelids [07:33]
04.Wedding Nails [05:19]
05.Even Less / Slave Called Shiver [11:40]
06.Heartattack in a Layby [04:18]
07.Strip the Soul [07:09]
08.Tinto Brass [06:39]

Ttime 52:11 Min
Tsize 349.19 MB


This was taken from a session at XM Satellite Radio in Washington DC on 12 November
2002, and was originally released as a limited edition tour album. It was later
released online on the Porcupine Tree store.