Six Ft Ditch – A Taste For Killing (2014) [FLAC]

Six Ft Ditch-A Taste For Killing-CD-FLAC-2014-DeVOiD Download

Six Ft Ditch-A Taste For Killing-CD-FLAC-2014-DeVOiD

Description :

Artist…: Six Ft Ditch
Album….: A Taste For Killing
Type…..: Normal
Genre….: Hardcore
Label….: Goodlife Recordings
Language.: English

Year…..: 2014 Source…: CDDA
R.Date…: 09-10-2014 Grabber..: EAC Secure
S.Date…: 00-00-2014 Encoder..: FLAC 1.2.1 Lossless

Quality..: 913 kbps Avg 44.1kHz 2 channels

Track List .

01 About Murder 0:06
02 Six Ft Ditch (feat’ Southcoast Allstars) 1:57
03 Cielo Drive (2014) 1:13
04 Until the End (feat’ Choppy Warbuxxx Search 2:10
05 We Come Strapped 1:24
06 Blood on the Soil (feat’ G No Zodiac & Jamie 1:29
Cast Iron Jaw)
07 Blows to the Head 0:28
08 Aftershock (Raise The Hammer) (feat’ Nick 2:01
Shedlock An Aborted Memory)
09 Six Feet Deep (feat’ Stikman & Btown Mike 2:02
King V.I.P)
10 Tales from the Crypt (feat’ Phil Vibez 2:26
Irate/The Judas Syndrome)
11 Up in this Bitch (feat’ Jesui & D-Will 3:06
12 Six Feet Deep (Live In Manchester 2010) 2:02
(feat’ Anthony TRC)
13 I Destroy your World (Live Linkoping Sweden 2:10
14 Murdario Stomp/Six Ft Ditch (Live Portsmouth 5:05
15 V is for Vengeance (Original Demo 2009 feat’ 2:55
Stikman Fury of Five)
16 Cum Incorrect 1:12

Total Size.: 16 Files/220.6MB/31:46 min

Release Notes
Five years in the making, ‘A Taste For Killing’ finally sees the light of
Studded with a ton of bonus material, including ‘Cum Incorrect’ — a stab at
you know who, ATFK clocks in at 32 minutes, with a total of 16 tracks,
including some covers and live tracks (in Sweden & Portsmouth).

Guest vocals are provided on a number of songs ; Choppy Warbuxxx (Search
Bloc) on ‘Until The End’, G (No Zodiac) & Jamie (Cast Iron Jaw) on a new
version of ‘Blood On The Soil’, Nick Shedlock (An Aborted Memory) on
‘Aftershock’, Stikman (Fury of Five) and Btown Mike King on Six Feet Deep,
Phil Vibez from Irate on ‘Tales From The Crypt’, Jesui & D-Will (Colosus),
Anthony (TRC), and more.

Album mixed & mastered by Nicolas Declve (Nasty, Skarhead, Alpha & Omega).

Hands down the best sounding Six Foot Ditch album.


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