Scraps – Electric Ocean (2014) [FLAC]

Scraps-Electric Ocean-PROMO-CD-FLAC-2014-DCRD Download

Scraps-Electric Ocean-PROMO-CD-FLAC-2014-DCRD

Description :

_artist……: Scraps
: || _album…….: Electric Ocean
: |: _year……..: 2014
. | _genre…….: Electronic
. | _style…….: EBM
: _label…….: Fire Records
.……: none
_source……: CDDA
_codec…….: FLAC 1.2.1
_quality…..: avg. 630kbps 44,1kHz
_tracks……: 09
_size……..: 159,33MB
_length……: 35:27
_proof…….: Yes [x] / No [ ]


01. Mushroom Gods 04:36
02. Lonely Motorbike 03:37
03. Saphire Plaza 06:03
04. Electric Ocean 04:48
05. Asleep 05:40
06. Projections 03:51
07. Flying 01:56
08. Holiday 01:45
09. Gone 03:11

35:27 min

_description.: The music of Scraps is a unique cosmic universe of
emotions, thoughts and bedroom sound. Utilising a
minimalist set up of drum machine, keyboard and synth
mixed with a life time obsession of the electronic pop
music of yesteryear allow Laura Hill’s ideas to come
alive. These are not cute brainless love songs however.
Although love is an inspiration in a lot of the songs,
the lyrics and themes mostly deal with the darker
painful side of that irrational emotion. Depth comes in
the way Hill can effortlessly blend the banal drudgery
of everyday living with the abstract and surreal.
Meditations on the sadness of a fleeting human
existence, strange attractions to machines and the
technical world, to the ever present escapist allure of
outer space and the dream world. All this set to some
of the finest and (I dare say) catchy pop music this
side of the 21st century.

Scraps is a distinctly unique artist borne directly out
of her environment.

Scraps has not gained her small but incredibly loyal
and growing cult following through media saturation,
blog hype, or a money backed promotional whirlwind. It
has been acquired through the independent and
uncompromising nature of her spirit, the authentic DIY
quality of the music, and her honest approach to
songwriting and performing. Strong releases on hometown
Brisbane record labels Bedroom Suck and Disembraining
Machine have complimented an already dense discography
of hand made, self released material.

Scraps has performed relentlessly all over Australia
and abroad to a wide variety of people alongside an
even wider variety of bands and artists. From drunken
suburban house parties, inner city generator squat
shows, art galleries, cafes and bookstores, museums,
drug fuelled nightclubs, rural raves, reputable and
disreputable pubs, to some of the biggest venues in
town as international support. The fact that Scraps can
effortlessly transcend these often starkly contrasting
spaces is a testament to the quality of her abilities
as a songwriter and performer.

Electric Oceans is a culmination of years spent lost in
the independent music wilderness. Experience has been
gained through Hill continuously pushing herself as a
musician, artist and human. Scraps is not your
typically modern spoilt rich kid flash-in-a-pan solo
synth songsmith. Tough battles have been fought and
either won or lost, both personally and creatively –
the results of which are more than evident on this


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