Saxon – Let Me Feel Your Power (2015/2016) BDRip 720p/1080p

Title: Saxon – Let Me Feel Your Power
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Artist: Biff Byford – vocal; Paul Quinn – guitar; Nigel Glockler – drums; Nibbs Carter – bass; Doug Scarratt – guitar

Production/Label: UDR GmbH
Duration: 01:01:55 + 00:13:14 + 01:46:59

British heavy metal legends SAXON will release “Let Me Feel Your Power”, their tenth live album, on September 23 in Europe and October 7 in North America via UDR Music. The 16-track album was recorded in Munich, Germany during November 2015 and Brighton in January 2016, with bonus material from Chicago in September 2015.

In a 2015 interview with 100 Percent Rock magazine, SAXON frontman Biff Byford spoke about the difficulty of putting together setlist for the band’s tours. He said: “Yeah, it is difficult with the setlist, because you can’t play for as long as we’d like. It’s difficult to please people, because you get quite a lot of new fans that come to concerts, they want to hear the old songs, and some of the guys that have been coming for years have heard the old songs too much and they want something new, so it’s a nightmare. “You can never please everyone and it’s actually a bit stupid trying, really,” he continued. “Just put some good songs together and promote the new album, and that’s where to be, really.”

Byford added that he is mostly proud of all SAXON has achieved in its forty-year existence. Have SAXON achieved everything I initially dreamed the band could? More or less,” he said. “There were certainly countries we probably could have been bigger in. Australia’s one of them, places like that. I don’t think our management at that time really thought we’d ever be anything more than a British band, you know what I mean? I don’t think their vision included the world. It is a shame, because I think ‘Wheels Of Steel’ and those albums could have been much more in people’s minds outside Europe. I mean, America was all right, we did okay in America, but other countries could have gone better, I think. But I think we’ve achieved most everything, really. You know, we’re still making great albums, so I suppose that’s something.”


Live In Munich
01. Battering Ram
02. Motorcycle Man
03. Sacrifice
04. Destroyer
05. Power And The Glory
06. 20,000 Ft.
07. The Devil’s Footprint
08. Heavy Metal Thunder
09. Queen Of Hearts
10. Princess Of The Night
11. Wheels Of Steel
12. Denim And Leather
13. Crusader
Live In Brighton
14. Eye Of The Storm
15. Battalions Of Steel
16. Requiem
Bonus: Live In Chicago
01. Motorcycle Man
02. Battering Ram
03. This Town Rocks
04. Sacrifice
05. Power And The Glory
06. Solid Ball Of Rock
07. Dallas 1PM
08. Heavy Metal Thunder
09. Rock The Nations
10. The Eagle Has Landed
11. Wheels Of Steel
12. Backs To The Wall
13. Just Let Me Rock
14. Strong Arm Of The Law
15. 747 (Strangers In The Night)
16. Princess Of The Night
17. Crusader
18. Denim And Leather
19. 20,000 Ft.


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