Haley Bonar – Impossible Dream (2016) [FLAC]

Label/Cat#: Memphis Industries / MI0403CDP / Promo
Year:Aug 5 2016
Genre:female indie pop/rocker

Tempering folky tweeness with a healthy dose of misanthropy and small quantity of rage, Minnesota-based singer-songwriter Haley Bonar manages to tread the sweet/sour divide with all the effortlessness you d expect from someone seven albums deep into an indie career. Sometimes, however, that ease can feel like conventionality, especially considering her songs never quite cross the borderline into truly arresting territory. Even when she s singing about shitty towns and what sounds like piss in your ice-cream , Bonar is neither as unsettling as Jenny Lewis nor as volatile as Angel Olsen two other crystalline-voiced musicians who have brought genuine edge to indie balladry. That said, Impossible Dream undoubtedly boasts the kind of bright melodies, satisfying hooks and nice turns of phrase that can worm their way into your psyche. Whether Bonar s songs are distinctive enough to leave a mark there, though, is not quite so certain.

01. Hometown (3:04)
02. Your Mom Is Right (3:30)
03. Kismet Kill (3:29)
04. I Can Change (3:13)
05. Stupid Face (3:31)
06. Called You Queen (3:20)
07. Jealous Girls (3:00)
08. Skynz (2:55)
09. Better Than Me (3:14)
10. Blue Diamonds Fall (2:32)