Enforce – The Final Sign (2014) [FLAC]

Enforce-The Final Sign-CD-FLAC-2014-FORSAKEN Download

Enforce-The Final Sign-CD-FLAC-2014-FORSAKEN

Description :

Artist : Enforce
Album : The Final Sign
Label : Tribunal/Divebomb Recordsz
Genre : Heavy Metal
Source : CD
Street Date : 2014-05-23
Quality : 915 kbps / 44.1kHz / 2 channels
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1
Size : 336.30 MB
Time : 47:23 min
Url :

1. I’ll Walk Alone 4:07
2. Pleasure Of Pain 3:16
3. I Remember 3:30
4. A Time Of Change 5:10
5. Take My Hand 3:28
6. So Far Away 5:14
7. Freedom Ride 3:23
8. Lonely Child 3:02
9. The Final Sign 4:24
10. Meet The Band 0:18
11. Hold On 3:21
12. Live On 98 Rock 0:35
13. Pleasure From Pain (Demo Version) 3:20
14. One More Time (Live At Midway Cafe) 4:15

Contains two spoken tracks. Reminds me of Queensryche.

Most fans of cult/obscure metal remember Baltimore thrashers,
Have Mercy, from
their 1986 Combat Records Bootcamp release, Armageddon Descends.
Guitarist Nick
Ellingson departed soon after the EPs release, going on to play
in a few
non-starter bands until 1988 when he once again crossed paths
with former Have
Mercy vocalist, Lonnie Fletcher.

ENFORCE was born soon after.

With the concept of the band in full swing, Ellington then called
ex-Krybaby band mate and drummer, Cliff Saunders, to help round
out the new
group with bassist Jody Lewis. ENFORCE decidedly took a more
melodic approach to
their heavy metal attack, slowing the pace down drastically from
Have Mercy’s
thrashier style.

Influenced by groups like Queensryche and Crimson Glory, ENFORCE
went on to
craft two impressive demos (only 1 was ever released to the
public before now).
Despite gigging regularly in the Baltimore area, and opening for
acts like Dream
Theater, ENFORCE could never land a proper record deal. The
injustice has
finally been rectified with this Divebomb Records collection, The
Final Sign. If
anything, the songs on this CD prove that the indie labels of the
early ’90s,
and their myopic A&R agents, truly missed out on inking one of
the better bands
of their day.

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