Elizabeth Cook – Exodus of Venus (2016) [Web FLAC]

Elizabeth Cook – Exodus of Venus (2016) [Web FLAC]
LABEL…Agent Love Music
YEAR…17 June, 2016

Americana singer and DJ Elizabeth Cook is best known for sassy honky-tonk tunes like “El Camino,” a comic song about a party girl’s one-night stand with a knucklehead in a muscle car.

“If I wake up married, I’ll have to annul it,” she sings in her signature twang. “Right now my hands are in his mullet.”

Her new album “Exodus of Venus” (June 17) is more pointed and not quite as lighthearted.

Still, a certain apocalyptic humor remains. “Faraway lands suffered a plague,” she sings on the title track, “the minute you put your hand on my leg.” For her, that’s a rhyming couplet.

Songs like “Methadone Blues” are infused with Ms. Cook’s ironic, if black, humor. It chronicles the continuing trials of a character introduced on an earlier album, “Welder” (“Heroin Addict Sister”). Another song, “Brokedown in London on the M25,” is inspired by an automotive and emotional meltdown that occurred on a 2010 tour.

” ‘Welder’ was a record from the perspective of a fun-loving girl,” says Ms. Cook, 43 years old. ” ‘Exodus’ is from the perspective of a woman who’s had some hard knocks.”


1. Exodus of Venus (4:33)
2. Dyin’ (3:55)
3. Evacuation (4:10)
4. Dharma Gate (4:17)
5. Slow Pain (5:00)
6. Straightjacket Love (2:46)
7. Broke Down in London on the M25 (3:46)
8. Methadone Blues (3:43)
9. Cutting Diamonds (4:43)
10. Orange Blossom Trail (3:58)
11. Tabitha Tuder’s Mama (4:17)