Disciple – Attack (2014) [FLAC]

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Description :

Artist : Disciple
Album : Attack
Label : +180 RECORDS
Genre : Rock
Source : CD
Street Date : 2014-09-23
Quality : 1039kbps / 44.1kHz / 2 channels
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1
Size : 334.37 MB
Time : 42:47 min
Url : http://disciplerocks.com/

1. Radical 3:56
2. Attack 3:06
3. Dead Militia 3:48
4. Scarlet 3:47
5. Unbroken 3:41
6. The Name 3:43
7. Angels And Demons 2:50
8. Lion 2:40
9. Yesterday Is Over 4:41
10. Kamikaze 3:26
11. Crazy 3:37
12. The Right Time 3:32

To know the story of Disciple, you have to place yourself in
Kevin Young’s shoes. Like Kevin, Disciple’s singer and
bandleader, let’s say you’ve recorded ten albums, played
thousands of shows worldwide, headlined tours since the late
90’s, and opened multiple times for the biggest artists in
Christian music. You’ve sold hundreds of thousands of records and
you’ve got fourteen #1 singles. Add to that the fact that you are
done with your most recent recording contract and your band needs
a lineup change. You’ve been on the road for twenty years, and
you’ve seen more hotel rooms than a Gideon Bible. Most people
would probably say, hey, I’ve done a lot and maybe it’s time to
walk away. Most people are not Kevin Young.

“Disciple started when I was 16,” says Young, “so I’m somewhere
between old and young. I know Disciple’s been around for a long
time, and sometimes, when I wake up, I can feel every mile, but I
can’t wait to see what’s ahead. It honestly doesn’t FEEL like
it’s been as long as it has, and in a lot of ways I feel like
we’re just getting started. The process, where I’ve been and the
new stuff we’re doing right now as a band — it’s a gift. We chose
to be who we are AND embrace the new.”

In a six-month period around the end of 2013 and the beginning of
2014, Kevin rebuilt Disciple, as well as his own approach to the
band’s future. “We added Josiah Prince from Philmont and Andrew
Stanton from I Am Empire on guitars, Jason Wilkes from High
Flight Society on bass and vocals (since the guy was an amazing
lead vocalist for his band), and Joey West from After Edmund on
drums. It’s Disciple’s best lineup ever. They have the perfect
combination of being great players and performers, and are
ridiculously talented songwriters,” says Young. “One of my
favorite things about these guys is that they have embraced where
Disciple has been and love to play the classic songs for our
fans, as well as have put every ounce of their souls into trying
to take Disciple higher than we’ve ever been. I think our fans
have embraced them for that in return.”

Next, the band had some business decisions to make. Disciple
finished their record label contract in 2013 and the band’s
recording future was in limbo. “We talked to a bunch of labels,
but the whole time my manager and I kept asking each other the
same question: why wouldn’t we do this on our own? I guess we
decided that it was because recording an independent project and
all that goes with that was new and a little scary. Being fearful
is real, but it’s also a bad excuse,” says Young.

“We decided that we would really give ourselves to our fans. It’s
one thing to have a record deal, make a record, and see if folks
will buy it. It’s a whole different level to engage your fans —
really talk to them, tell them what you want to do and why,
embrace them and then hope that they will embrace you back. We
created a bunch of really cool packages that the fans could buy
and put them all up on Kickstarter, hoping that our fans would
buy things ahead of time to help us make a record. We were scared
to death. But then our fans met our goal in seven days and it
just kept going up until the forty-day funding process finished.
We were stunned and just so thankful. Nobody has fans like we
do,” says Young.

“So with the lineup solidified and plans for a new record in
place, now all we had to do was write the album. No big deal
right? I was a little nervous — excited but nervous. I had more
freedom than I’ve ever had to make the music and say the things
that I really wanted to say. We had the support of our fans.
But what really energized me was the music that was being written
by the band members. It somehow felt very Disciple-esque and was
somehow new at the same time. I think we all were really
inspired by it.”

The first order of business was to bring back Travis Wyrick to
produce. Young states, “I hadn’t worked with Travis in six years,
but we knew this was going to be a hard, aggressive record.
Travis recorded all of our hardest albums and working with him
was like going home.” The finished album is called Attack, and it
is the band’s most ambitious project to date. It’s bold, it’s
hard, it’s experimental, and it’s sweepingly atmospheric. Attack
gives a nod to long-time Disciple fans with “Radical” and “The
Name” and the album will intrigue new listeners with offerings
like “Dead Militia,” “Lion,” and “Angels And Demons.”

“We wrote this record as a new band. Attack is the right album
title because that’s what we did with every song. Every band
member contributed in a huge way to this album. Everybody brought
songs to the table that we all worked on, and made each other’s
songs better. It was definitely a well-coordinated attack on all
sides,” says Young.

“You know, rock music isn’t the most popular music genre right
now, but it’s also the music genre that will never die. Rock
music always comes back around. And with that, I know what we’ve
been called to do, and that’s to do our best to show Christ to
people with our music, and with how we interact with them, both
on and off the stage. I thought about this new album for a year
before we started in the studio, and I knew that the lyrics would
be the boldest Disciple has ever put on a record. I wanted to
talk about Jesus loudly and without shame. That’s why “Radical”
is the first track and our first single. It sets the tone for
what we want people to hear. We talk about Jesus openly at every
show. We do an altar call. That is who we are and that is what
Disciple is called to do, and we hope that people hear the new
music and say ‘Yeah, now THAT’S Disciple!'”

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