Cousin Earth – Cousin Earth (2015) [Web FLAC]


1.Universoul 04:39
2.Green Thumb Jimmy 03:31
3.Think Of All The Things 07:13
4.Womp 06:27
5.Window Cleaner 01:52
6.Point Of No Return 06:24
7.Your Alibi 05:38
8.Puerto Rican Pancakes (Live) 04:50

Cousin Earth (Formerly Known as Ukulelien) is a Brooklyn-based Progressive Ukulele Jamband. With both an original repertoire and a vast array of covers, Cousin Earth brings both a sense of playfulness and technical ability to the music they play. From shredding ukulele solos and 4–part vocal breakdowns to interweaving themed medleys, the band is sure to catch the attention of any music lover. Presenting a multitude of styles including Rock, Fusion, Ragtime, Funk, Bluegrass, Hip Hop, and even Electronica, no musical style is off-limits for this up-and-coming live-act.