Claudio Monteverdi – Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria – Boston Baroque, Martin Pearlman (2015) [24-96]

Claudio Monteverdi – Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria – Boston Baroque, Martin Pearlman (2015)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 02:56:10 minutes | 3,69 GB | Genre: Classical
Official Digital Download – Source: | Digital booklet | @ LINN Records
Recorded at Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA 27–30 April 2014

Il ritorno d’Ulisse is unquestionably one of the three pillars that place Monteverdi among the greatest of opera composers; this recording marks the premiere of a new performing version by Martin Pearlman.

Best Opera Recording and Best Engineered Album (Classical)
GRAMMY nominee
Boston Baroque
(Martin Pearlman, Jennifer Rivera, Fernando Guimarães & Boston Baroque)

Classical Album of the Week: ‘The strength of this issue is in its strong, youthful cast. The Penelope of Jennifer Rivera…with a limpid low mezzo of comparable beauty and expressive power, while Fernando Guimaraes’s Ulysses is heartbreaking…‘ The Sunday Times

‘…undoubted integrity and many sterling assets. It unquestionably earns a place among the better recordings of the opera.’ Early Music Review

‘Mezzo Jennifer Rivera is a lovely, modest Penelope and her voice is beautiful, much in the Janet Baker mold… Fernando Guimarães sings Ulisse with feeling, intelligence, and an appealing light baritone–based on their vocal colorations, this Ulisse and Penelope make a fine couple.’

‘The most impressive performance comes from Aaron Sheehan whose light lyrical voice delivers the music with utter naturalness.’BBC Music Magazine

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria
1 Act 1 Prologue: Mortal cosa son io (L’Humana Fragilità/Il Tempo/La Fortuna/Amore)[8’41]
2 Act 1 Scene 1: Di misera regina (Penelope/Ericlea)[10’03]
3 Act 1 Scene 2: Duri e penosi (Melanto/Eurimaco)[10’09]
4 Act 1 Scene 4: Sinfonia[0’14]5 Act 1 Scene
5: Superbo è l’huom (Nettuno/Giove)[6’08]
6 Act 1 Scene 6: In questo basso mondo (Coro di Feaci/Nettuno)[2’02]
7 Act 1 Scene 7: Dormo encora (Ulisse)[4’38]
8 Act 1 Scene 8: Cara e lieta gioventù (Minerva/Ulisse)[11’48]
9 Act 1 Scene 9: Tu, d’Aretusa al fonte (Minerva/Ulisse)[2’09]
10 Act 1 Scene 10: Donata un giorno (Penelope/Melanto)[8’33]
11 Act 1 Scene 11: Oh come mal si salva (Eumete)[1’40]
12 Act 1 Scene 12: Pastor d’armenti può (Iro/Eumete)[1’44]
13 Act 1 Scene 13: Ulisse generoso! (Eumete/Ulisse)[3’18]
14 Act 2 Scene 1: Lieto cammino (Telemaco/Minerva)[2’34]
15 Act 2 Scene 2: O gran figlio d’Ulisse (Eumete/Ulisse)[5’06]
16 Act 2 Scene 3: Che veggio, ohimè, che miro? (Telemaco/Ulisse)[7’33]
17 Act 2 Scene 4: Eurimaco, la donna insomma (Melanto/Eurimaco)[3’02]
18 Act 2 Scene 5: Sono l’altre regine (Antinoo/Anfinomo/Pisandro/Penelope)[7’50]
19 Act 2 Scene 7: Apportator d’alte novelle (Eumete/Penelope)[1’06]
20 Act 2 Scene 8: Compagni, udiste (Antinoo/Anfinomo/Pissandro/Eurimaco)[6’34]
21 Act 2 Scene 9: Perir non può (Ulisse/Minerva)[3’36]
22 Act 2 Scene 10: Io vidi, o pellegrin (Eumete/Ulisse)[1’56]
23 Act 2 Scene 11: Del mio lungo viaggio (Telemaco/Penelope)[5’16]
24 Act 2 Scene 12a: Sempre villano Eumete (Antinoo/Eumete/Iro/Ulisse/Telemaco)[4’55]
25 Act 2 Scene 12b: Tu vincitor (Antinoo/Penelope/Pisandro/Anfinomo/Telemaco)[7’12]
26 Act 2 Scene 12c: Ecco l’arco d’Ulisse (Penelope/Pisandro/Anfinomo/Antinoo/Ulisse)[10’11]
27 Act 3 Scene 1: O dolor, o martir (Iro)[6’14]
28 Act 3 Scene 3: E quai nuovi rumori (Melanto/Penelope)[2’11]
29 Act 3 Scene 4: Forza d’occulto affetto (Eumete/Penelope)[2’29]
30 Act 3 Scene 5: È saggio Eumete (Telemaco/Penelope/Eumete)[2’41]
31 Act 3 Scene 6: Fiamma è l’ira, o gran Dea (Minerva/Giunone)[3’32]
32 Act 3 Scene 7: Gran Giove (Giunone/Giove/Nettuno/Minerva/Coro in cielo/Coro marittimo)[6’40]
33 Act 3 Scene 8: Ericlea, che vuoi far (Ericlea)[3’30]
34 Act 3 Scene 9: Ogni nostra ragion (Penelope/Telemaco/Eumete)[0’47]
35 Act 3 Scene 10: O delle mie fatiche (Ulisse/Penelope/Ericlea)[10’08]

Christopher Lowrey, countertenor
João Fernandes, bass
Sonja DuToit Tengblad, soprano
Owen McIntosh, tenor
Fernando Guimarães, tenor
Aaron Sheehan, tenor
João Fernandes, bass
Abigail Nims, mezzo-soprano
Jennifer Rivera, mezzo-soprano
Krista River, mezzo-soprano
Leah Wool, mezzo-soprano
Sara Heaton, soprano
Marc Molomot, tenor
Daniel Shirley, tenor
Jonas Budris, tenor
Daniel Auchincloss, tenor
Ulysses Thomas, bass-baritone
Boston Baroque
Martin Pearlman, conductor