Robert Len – iLenKa (2012/2013) [HighResAudio 24-88,2]

Robert Len – iLenKa (2012/2013) 
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/88,2 kHz | Time – 44:36 minutes | 903 MB | Genre: World
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: | Digital Booklet | © 2xHD – Naxos

iLenKa is an ensemble of varying dimensions (2 to 6 musicians) playing the music of composer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Len united with the screenings and scenarios created by violinist Carole Meneghel.

iLenKa’s entrancing music is the fusion of world music with lounge and jazz influences. Sometimes smooth, sometimes intense, sometimes cinematographic, sometimes virtuoso, the melodies and performances are characterized by their subtlety and wide range of emotions, combining the violin’s warmth with a multitude of surprising instruments from around the globe such as Tibetan bowls, Armenian duduk, Australian didgeridoo, Native American, Irish and Romanian flutes, Argentinian moseño, Peruvian and Cuban cajón, traditional flugelhorn, trumpet, cymbals, and more.

iLenKa is a very original new world music experience. Give it a listen.

01 – Across Time
02 – The First Journey
03 – Carnal Dream
04 – The Big Face
05 – The Dunes of the Great Erg
06 – Apollonia
07 – Purification
08 – Why?
09 – Miles
10 – I Remember
11 – Shores
12 – Apotheosis

Robert Len – multi-ethnic instruments
Carole Meeghel – violin
Chante-Joie Choir (Sing Joy) – choir

Recording Engineer: René Laflamme.
Mastering engineer: André Perry.

2xHD mastering process: mastered from the original 24Bits files.
A modified high-end dCS Vivaldi clock with silver and gold cables was used to create a very dynamic sound.



Masaa – Outspoken (2017) [HDTracks 24-44,1]

Masaa – Outspoken (2017)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time – 52:35 minutes | 543 MB | Genre: Jazz, World
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: HDTracks | Front Cover | © Traumton

Masaa’s blend of free-spirited instrumental quartet and outstanding male voice makes their sound arguably the most accomplished fusion of Jazz and Arab tonal colouring currently to be found in Germany. On their third album ″Outspoken″ the four musicians demonstrate their mature mastery of their craft.


Lawson Rollins – Traveler (2015) [HDTracks 24-88,2]

Lawson Rollins – Traveler (2015)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/88,2 kHz | Time – 1:01:20 minutes | 1,15 GB | Genre: Jazz, World
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: HDTracks | Digital Booklet | © Infinita Records

Bridging countries, continents, and cultures, Traveler features Lawson’s distinctive guitar-work backed by an eclectic, all-star ensemble. The expansive arc of the album reaches from the traditions of the Old World to the pulse of the modern metropolis with a boldly diverse, genre-defying mix of melody, rhythm, and improvisation.


Lawson Rollins – Infinite Chill. The Remix Sessions (2015) [HDTracks 24-88,2]

Lawson Rollins – Infinite Chill: The Remix Sessions (2015)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/88,2 kHz | Time – 42:11 minutes | 827 MB | Genre: Electronic, World
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: HDTracks | Digital Booklet | © Infinita Records

Featuring the  #1 RADIO HIT “Cafe Paris (chill remix)”

10 classic world music tracks taken from Lawson Rollins’ acclaimed solo albums, remixed and reimagined with a hip, modern aesthetic, incorporating elements of electronica/chill/downtempo into the world music fusion of the original songs.

Featuring remixing from Billboard chart ranked Persian-American musician/producer Shahin Shahida, and an all-star cast of musicians including legendary Brazilian chanteuse Flora Purim.


Lawson Rollins – Infinita (2008) [HDTracks 24-88,2]

Lawson Rollins – Infinita (2008)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/88,2 kHz | Time – 57:43 minutes | 1,21 GB | Genre: Jazz, World
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: HDTracks | Digital Booklet | © Infinita Records

On INFINITA, guitarist and composer Lawson Rollins offers 11 tracks of richly-textured, internationally-inspired original music supported by an ensemble of some of the most accomplished and internationally recognized musicians in their fields. Throughout Infinita, Rollins melds an eclectic mix of Latin and Middle Eastern musical influences with his virtuoso, Spanish-tinged guitar style, creating a lush musical tapestry that pushes the boundaries of world music.


Lawson Rollins – Full Circle (2013) [HDTracks 24-88,2]

Lawson Rollins – Full Circle (2013)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/88,2 kHz | Time – 55:58 minutes | 1,09 GB | Genre: Jazz, World
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: HDTracks | Digital Booklet | © Infinita Records

After traversing the musical globe, Lawson Rollins comes Full Circle with his eagerly anticipated new album. The twelve-track collection features his acclaimed guitar work front-and-center, accented by a back drop of world beat rhythms and intimate ensemble instrumentation. Produced by Dominic Camardella (Ottmar Liebert), the album features GRAMMY®-winning violinist Charlie Bisharat, bassist Randy Tico (Jeff Bridges), percussionist Dave Bryant (Ottmar Liebert, Baba Olatunji) and saxophonist/flutist Richard Hardy (Dave Matthews Band).


Lawson Rollins – Espirito (2010) [HDTracks 24-88,2]

Lawson Rollins – Espirito (2010)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/88,2 kHz | Time – 1:06:23 minutes | 1,38 GB | Genre: Jazz, World
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: HDTracks | Digital Booklet | © Infinita Records

Espirito is a suite that extends and expands the vision of Lawson Rollins’ critically-acclaimed debut solo release Infinita with thirteen compositions that delve deep into the roots of world music. Espirito’s wide-ranging musical palette spans continents and cultures without losing its bedrock groove or playful sense of adventure.


Lawson Rollins – Elevation (2011) [HDTracks 24-88,2]

Lawson Rollins – Elevation (2011)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/88,2 kHz | Time – 1:13:33 minutes | 1,57 GB | Genre: Jazz, World
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: HDTracks | Digital Booklet | © Infinita Records

ELEVATION marks an expressive high point for acclaimed composer and guitarist Lawson Rollins. Departing from conventional song structure, Rollins crafts 13 emotionally charged soundscapes rich with moments of intensity and spaciousness.


Lawson Rollins – 3 Minutes To Midnight (2017) [HDTracks 24-96]

Lawson Rollins – 3 Minutes To Midnight (2017)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 41:08 minutes | 871 MB | Genre: Jazz, World
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: HDTracks | Digital Booklet | © Infinita Records

Three minutes to midnight. Time is lapsing. What wouldyou do with the final moments of your day? Award-winning world beat guitarist Lawson Rollins pondered that question as he entered the recording studio to craft his seventh album, “3 Minutes to Midnight,” which will be released on January 20 via the Infinita Records label.Focusing on “the urgency of the moment, the exhilaration of the speed of sound, the poignancy of the remains of the day and the mystical power of the number three,” Rollins wrote a dozen multicultural compositions – all in the three minute range and illuminated by his prodigious fingerstyle guitar play. The recording is stripped down, punchy and concise, a radical departure for the Billboard chart-topping artist known for creating lavishly produced and elaborately-constructed tracks that are at least twice as long.


Ry Cooder and V.M. Bhatt – A Meeting By The River (1993) [Analogue Productions 2008] {SACD-R + FLAC 24-88,2}

Ry Cooder & Vishwa Mohan Bhatt – A Meeting By The River (1993) [APO Remaster ‘2008]
PS3 Rip | SACD ISO | DSD64 Stereo > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 39:51 minutes | Full Scans included | 1,6 GB
or FLAC 2.0 Stereo (converted with foobar2000 to tracks) 24bit/88,2 kHz | Scans included | 669 MB
Genre: World

A Meeting by the River can best be described as a spontaneous outpouring of music, unhindered by convention or form, brought into being by musicians so supremely capable that the music is never labored, the technique of their craft always subservient to the final product. Cooder and Bhatt are genuine masters of the guitar and mohan vina, respectively. The latter, an instrument created by Bhatt himself, is a sort of hybrid between a guitar and a vichitra vina, and is played with a metal slide. This fact is just one of the many things that connect Bhatt’s playing to Cooder’s, who plays nothing but bottleneck guitar here. The musical interplay between Cooder and Bhatt is nothing short of astounding, especially so considering that they met for the first time only a half-hour before the recording of this album. The voices of the two instruments blend marvelously, first alternating melodic statements, then doing so together, each dancing around the other, playing cat and mouse, probing, answering, reflecting. They are ably accompanied by a pair of percussionists: tabla player Sukhvinder Singh Namdhari and Cooder’s own son, Joachim, on dumbek. A Meeting by the River is one of those few cross-genre albums in which the listener never feels for a second that there is some kind of fusion going on; one does not hear the component parts so much as the integrated whole. However, one can theoretically separate guitar from vina, America from India, the Mississippi from the Ganges. Once this is done, the resulting music makes more sense than ever before, the combination of two traditions of stringed instruments that use slides to produce sound and value improvisation and voice-like phrasing. As good as this sounds on paper, the actual results are even more impressive. The splendor of the music is aided in its transmission by the fact that, like all Water Lily Acoustics releases, this album is masterfully recorded; each instrument is clear, distinct, and three-dimensional sounding. A Meeting by the River is a must-own, a thing of pure, unadulterated beauty, and the strongest record in Cooder’s extensive catalog.