Pink Floyd in Concert – Pulse (1994) [2xDvd9]

Starring: Pink Floyd
Format: MPEG 2, PAL, English AC/3-6, English AC/3-2
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 4: 3
Number of Discs: 2 DVDs
Studio: EMI Electrola GmbH & Co.KG
Release Date: July 7, 2006
Production year: 1994
Playing time: approx 180 minutes
Size: 13.87 GB

At long last Pink Floyd: Pulse has arrived on DVD, and Floyd fans already know it’s a major cause to celebrate. The original VHS release was a milestone bestseller, but it seemed to take forever for the DVD to arrive, with numerous delays while Floyd guitarist David Gilmour and long-time Floyd producer James Guthrie labored to restore, re-edit, and remix this legendary concert video in 5.1-channel Dolby Surround Sound. The resulting two-disc set was well worth the wait: While the limitations of the original video source are still evident in the sometimes-hazy image quality (Gilmour would later admit the concert should have been captured on film), Floyd fans will unanimously agree that Pulse has never looked or sounded better, and only the absence of group co-founder Roger Waters prevents this from being the ultimate document of Pink Floyd in performance. (Even without Waters, it’s easily one of the group’s most impressive stage productions.) Gracefully directed with minimal intrusion by veteran music video and concert director David Mallet, and shot on video during Pink Floyd’s two-week stint at London’s Earls Court Exhibition Centre in October 1994, this 145-minute performance (from Floyd’s Division Bell tour) is a sonic marvel to behold. Under a massive arch festooned with then-state-of-the-art laser, lighting, and projection systems, the 1987 incarnation of Pink Floyd (Gilmour, keyboardist Richard Wright, and drummer Nick Mason) and their stellar supporting band kicks off with “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” (a loving tribute to Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett), followed by four tracks from The Division Bell, two from 1987′s A Momentary Lapse of Reason, “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)” from 1979′s magnum opus The Wall, and leading into intermission with an absolutely stunning performance of “One of These Days,” the timeless opening track from 1971′s Meddle.

The centerpiece of Disc 2 is a near-perfect performance of 1974′s Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety–reason enough to make this a must-have DVD for even the most casual Floyd admirers. And while no one will ever re-create the sheer magnificence of Clare Torry’s original tour de force vocals on “The Great Gig in the Sky,” it’s safe to say that backup singers Sam Brown, Claudia Fontaine, and Durga McBroom deliver the next best thing, in addition to seamless contributions throughout the concert. After the closing heartbeat of “Eclipse,” the concert ends with encore performances of “Wish You Were Here,” “Comfortably Numb,” and a no-holds-barred, pyrotechnically explosive rendition of The Wall‘s “Run Like Hell,” all showcasing Gilmour’s guitar mastery with frequent close-ups of his picking and fret-work as seen throughout the concert. (Like Gilmour, Mason and Wright were never dynamic onstage, and that’s true here as well, but their technical precision is fully evident, and while guitarist Tim Renwick and saxophonist Dick Parry are each given moments to shine, bassist Guy Pratt is a worthy substitution for Waters, especially when vocally sparring with Gilmour on “Run Like Hell.”)

With beautiful packaging, an 8-page booklet, and menu designs by long-time Floyd associate Storm Thorgerson, the DVDs offer an abundance of bonus features including “Bootlegging the Bootleggers,” featuring surprisingly good-quality “boot” video performances of “What Do You Want From Me?,” “On the Turning Away,” “Poles Apart,” and “Marooned.” The surreal round-ratio screen films seen throughout the concert can all be viewed independently (still in round format, and several offered in both original and alternate versions). Music videos for “Learning to Fly” and “Take It Back” are included on Disc 1, along with “Tour Stuff” including maps, itineraries, and stage plans for the 1994 tour. “Say Goodbye to Life as We Know It” is a playful backstage video (mostly involving the production staff’s ongoing quest for a good pint of beer), and after delivering a heartfelt introduction to Pink Floyd’s 1996 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (with Roger Waters and Syd Barrett acknowledged by Gilmour), Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan joins Gilmour and Wright for a moving acoustic performance of “Wish You Were Here” (directed at Waters, perhaps?). Additional features include album cover art, a photo gallery, and the concert-only audio choice between a 448kbps audio bitstream or a higher-quality 640kbps stream for higher-quality DVD players. The system set-up feature ensures that audiophiles will achieve optimum speaker performance in keeping with Pink Floyd’s exacting technical standards. In tandem with the superior concert presentation, these features make Pulse one of the best–if not the best–music DVDs of 2006, guaranteed to satisfy Floyd fans for many years to come. –Jeff Shannon


KISS Kissology – Limited Exclusive Japanese Box Set (8xDVD9-10xDVD5)


Country : Japan | Genre : Glam Rock, Hard Rock | Duration : ~ 30 hours | Year : 2009 | Label : VH1 Classic Records

Limited edition for Japanese fans Kissologii includes performances and recordings of the band from 1974 to 2000. Exclusive box set consists of 9 disks “Kissology Vol.1″, “Kissology Vol.2″ and “Kissology Vol.3″. Furthermore, it includes 9 bonus discs that were previously available only in individual suppliers in the United States. This exclusive edition also has a special scene in which a copy of a scene from Budokan Live, which was a concert in 1977. Also in a special booklet 52-page manual, booklet, Kiss T-shirt sample in 1977, four replicas of mediators, a copy of the ticket, replica mirror ball , icon.

DVD 1 : Kissology Vol. 1 Disc 1
DVD 2 : Kissology Vol. 1 Disc 2
DVD 3 : Bonus DVD Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI 1/25/76
DVD 4 : Bonus DVD Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY 2/18/77
DVD 5 : Bonus DVD Capitol Centre, Largo, MD 12/20/77
DVD 6 : Kissology Vol. 2 Disc 1
DVD 7 : Kissology Vol. 2 Disc 2
DVD 8 : Kissology Vol. 2 Disc 3
DVD 9 : Bonus DVD Nippon Budokan-Tokyo, Japan 4/21/88
DVD 10 : Bonus DVD Capital Centre, Largo, MD 7/7/79
DVD 11 : Bonus DVD Crazy Nights Tour The Ritz New York, NY 8/13/88
DVD 12 : Kissology Vol. 3 Disc 1
DVD 13 : Kissology Vol. 3 Disc 2
DVD 14 : Kissology Vol. 3 Disc 3
DVD 15 : Kissology Vol. 3 Disc 4
DVD 16 : Bonus DVD KROQ Weenie Roast: Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA 6/15/96
DVD 17 : Bonus DVD Monster Of Rock Estado Do Pacaembu Sao Paulo, Brazil 8/27/94
DVD 18 : Bonus DVD Reunion Tour Madison Square Garden : New York City, NY 7/27/96
Size : 85 Gb


Michael Jackson The Ultimate Collection 32 DVDs + 1 CD (Untouched)

32DVDs+1CD | 115 GB + 3% Recovery Records

DISC 1-7

*1972 Jackson 5 Paris France Concert
*1975 Jackson 5 Mexico Concert
*1979 Jackson 5 London U.K. Destiny Concert
*1981 Jackson 5 Triumph Concert
*Jackson 5 Destiny Concert Feature

*1987 Brisbane Australia BAD Concert

*1987 Yokohama Japan BAD Concert

*1988 U.S. . BAD Concert

*1992 Live In Bucharest : Dangerous Tour

*1993 Live In Israel : Dangerous Tour
*1993 Live In.Tokyo Japan : Dangerous Tour
*Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour Feature

*1996 Live In Sydney Australia : History Tour

*1996 Live In Manila Filipine : History Tour

DISC 16-17
*1996 Live In Seoul Korea : History Tour

*1996 Live In Roumania : History Tour

*1997 Live In New Zealand : History Tour

*1997 Live In Finland : History Tour

*1997 Live In Sweden : History Tour

*1997 Live In Copenhagen : History Tour

*1998 Live In Kuala Lumpur : History Tour

*1999 Live In Taipei : History Report
*1999 Live In Korea : Almsdeed Tour

*1997 Live In Munich : History Tour

*THE ONE : Chinese subtitle
*The 30th Anniversary Vocal Concert

*Bad Tour Unleashed Volume BAD Tour Unleashed Volume

* TOUR 1988 Bad Tour 88

*The Feature Of Stranger Stranger in Moscow
*Captain EO

*MICHAEL JACKSON : MJ Rise And Decline
*The Giant Star Of MICHAEL JACKSON Come Down

*Private Home Movies : The King Of Pop Up Close & Personal


DISC 33 (Data CD)
*1979-2008 : The First Recorded 97 songs



Artist: Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold, Editors, Gogol Bordello, Iron Maiden, Jake Bugg, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, Kings of Leon, Korn, Kvelertak & Heaven Shall Burn, Linkin Park, Mando Diao, Metallica, Milky Chance & Rob Zombie, Opeth, Queen Of The Stone Age, The Offspring, The Pretty Reckless, Trivium
Title: Rock Am Ring 2014
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2014
Quality: HDTV 720p
Duration: 17:03:21
Video: MPEG4 AVC ~10000 Kbps 1280x720p / 16:9 / 50.000 fps / High@L4.0
Audio: various


Alter Bridge
01. Addicted to Pain
02. White Knuckles
03. Come to Life
04. Cry of Achilles
05. Ties That Bind
06. Waters Rising
07. Metalingus
08. Blackbird
09. Rise Today

Avenged Sevenfold
01. Shepherd of Fire
02. Critical Acclaim
03. Bat Country
04. Hail to the King
05. Doing Time
06. Buried Alive
07. So Far Away
08. Nightmare
09. Burn It Down
10. Afterlife
11. Almost Easy
12. Unholy Confessions

01. Nothing
02. The Racing Rats
03. All Sparks
04. A Life as a Ghost
05. Formaldehyde
06. Honesty
07. Sugar
08. Munich
09. Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
10. A Ton of Love
11. Papillon

Gogol Bordello
01. We Rise Again
02. Not A Crime
03. Wonderlust King
04. Dig Deep Enough
05. Trans-Continental Hustle
06. Immigraniada
07. Break The Spell
08. It Is The Way You Name Your Ship
09. Pala Tute
10. Start Wearing Purple
11. Lost Innocent World
12. Baro Foro

Iron Maiden
01. Doctor Doctor
02. Rising Mercury
03. Moonchild
04. Can I Play with Madness
05. The Prisoner
06. 2 Minutes to Midnight
07. Revelations
08. The Trooper
09. The Number of the Beast
10. Phantom of the Opera
11. Run to the Hills
12. Wasted Years
13. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
14. Wrathchild
15. Fear of the Dark
16. Iron Maiden
17. Churchill’s Speech
18. Aces High
19. The Evil That Men Do
20. Sanctuary
21. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Jake Bugg
01. Kentucky
02. Trouble Town
03. Seen It All
04. Ballad
05. Country Song
06. Taste It
07. Long Time Ago
08. Lightning Bolt

Kaiser Chiefs
01. Never Miss A Beat
02. Coming Home
03. Ruby
04. I Predict A Riot
05. Misery Company
06. The Angry Mob

01. Bumblebeee
02. Shoot the Runner
03. Underdog
04. Where Did All the Love Go?
05. Days Are Forgotten
06. eez-eh
07. Clubfoot
08. Re‐Wired
09. Empire
10. Switchblade Smiles
11. Vlad the Impaler
12. Fire

Kings of Leon
01. Supersoaker
02. Taper Jean Girl
03. Family Tree
04. My Party
05. Razz
06. Closer
07. On Call
08. The Immortals
09. Wait for Me
10. The Bucket
11. Temple
12. Pyro
13. Tonight
14. Radioactive
15. Don’t Matter
16. Molly’s Chambers
17. Four Kicks
18. Be Somebody
19. Use Somebody
20. Crawl
21. Black Thumbnail
22. Sex on Fire

01. Blind
02. Ball Tongue (with snippets of “It Takes … more)
03. Twist
04. Chi
05. Falling Away from Me
06. Narcissistic Cannibal
07. Coming Undone (preceeded by Open Up Outro)
08. Did My Time
09. Lies
10. Get Up!
11. Got the Life
12. Freak on a Leash

Kvelertak & Heaven Shall Burn
02. Månelyst
03. Fossegrim
04. Evig Vandrar
05. Blodtørst
06. Kvelertak
07. Die Stürme rufen Dich
08. Land of the Upright Ones
09. The Omen
10. Combat
11. Voice of the Voiceless
12. Hunters Will Be Hunted
13. Counterweight

Linkin Park
01. Catalyst / Requiem intro
02. Guilty Of The Shame
03. Given Up
04. Points Of Authority
05. One Step Closer
06. Blackout
07. Papercut
08. Runaway / Wastelands
09. Castle Of Glass Experience
10. Leave Out All The Rest / Shadow Of The Day / Iridiscent
11. Burn It Down
12. Wating For The End
13. Numb
14. In The End
15. Faint
16. Until It’s Gone
17. A Light That Never Comes
18. Lost In The Echo
19. Crawling / New Divide
20. What I’ve Done
21. Bleed It Out

Mando Diao
01. If I Don’t Have You
02. God Knows
03. Welcome Home, Luc Robitaille
04. Wet Dreams
05. Long Before Rock ‘n’ Roll
06. Money Doesn’t Make You a Man
07. Down In The Past
08. Mr. Moon
09. Morning Light (with Natty Silver)
10. Forgive Forget (with Natty Silver)
11. Gloria (with Natty Silver)
12. Dance with Somebody (with Natty Silver)
13. Black Saturday

01. Battery
02. Master of Puppets
03. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
04. Ride the Lightning (Followed by Kirk’s guitar solo)
05. The Unforgiven
06. Creeping Death (Announced by fan on stage.)
07. Lords of Summer
08. Sad but True (Followed by Rob’s bass solo. Announced by fan on stage.)
09. Fade to Black
10. Fuel
11. One
12. For Whom the Bell Tolls
13. Whiskey in the Jar (Lena Bourne Fish cover)
14. Nothing Else Matters (preluded by Kirk guitar doodle)
15. Enter Sandman
16. St. Anger
17. …And Justice for All (Vote of the day. Re-started two times, without tape intro)
18. Seek & Destroy (The Frayed Ends of Sanity outro)

Milky Chance & Rob Zombie
01. Nevermind
02. Feathery
03. Stolen Dance
04. Hit-medley
05. Dead City Radio
06. Superbeast
07. More Human Than Human
08. Dragula

01. The Devil’s Orchard
02. Heir Apparent
03. Hope Leaves
04. Deliverance
05. Blackwater Park

Queen Of The Stone Age
01. You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire
02. No One Knows
03. My God Is the Sun
04. Smooth Sailing
05. I Sat by the Ocean
06. Feel Good Hit of the Summer
07. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
08. If I Had a Tail
09. Little Sister
10. Burn the Witch
11. Sick, Sick, Sick
12. Better Living Through Chemistry
13. Go With the Flow
14. Song for the Dead

The Offspring
01. Nitro (Youth Energy)
02. Bad Habit
03. Gotta Get Away
04. Genocide
05. Something to Believe In
06. Come Out and Play
07. It’ll Be a Long Time
08. Killboy Powerhead
09. What Happened to You?
10. So Alone
11. Not the One
12. Smash
13. Self Esteem
14. Intermission
15. All I Want
16. You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
17. Staring at the Sun
18. Why Don’t You Get a Job?
19. (Can’t Get My) Head Around You
20. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
21. The Kids Aren’t Alright

The Pretty Reckless
01.Heaven Knows
02.Going To Hell


01.Dying In Your Arms
02.In Waves


Van Halen – The Early Days II (2xDVD5)

Title: Van Halen – The Early Days II (2xDVD5)
Genre: Rock
Runtime: ? Min.
Language/s: English
Video Stream: DVD-5
Audio Stream: Stereo
Video Codec: MPEG-2
Size: 8436,43 MB
Parts: 11
Password: No Password
Notes: DVD 5

Van Halen
Show or Bootleg Title:
The Early Days II
Show Venue: Varies
Source: Varies
Video Quality/Production Info:
Varies / Oryo Productions
Audio/Video Specs:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Source picture resolution: 720×480 (525/60)
Frame Rate: 30.00
Bitrate: 3.10Mbps
Audio Attributes:
Audio Coding mode: MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 without extension bitstream
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Number of Audio channels: 2
Format: NTSC


Genesis – The Movie Box, 1981-2007 (2009) [4xDVD9]

Genesis – The Movie Box, 1981-2007 (2009) [4xDVD9]

4xDVD9 + DVD5: MPEG2 AVC, NTSC 4:3 (720×480) VBR
Dolby AC3, 2 ch, 448Kbps / Dolby AC3, 6 ch, 448Kbps / DTS, 6 ch, 768Kbps
Progressive / Art Rock | Atlantic/Rhino, R2 521758 | Scans Included | Box Art -> 70Mb | ~ 32.08 Gb

Three Sides Live (1982);
The Mama Tour (1984);
Live at Wembley Stadium (1987);
The Way We Walk (1992);
VH1: Behind The Music (Revisited) (1999)

Following the release of Genesis Live 1973-2007, a box-set gathering the live albums recorded by the legendary British group, with the added bonus of Live At The Rainbow 1973, and the critically-acclaimed hybrid CD/SACD and DVD double disc set reissue of the 14 Genesis studio albums on the box-sets Genesis 1976 – 1982 and Genesis 1983 – 1998 in 2007, and Genesis 1970 – 1975 in 2008, Virgin/EMI concludes its exhaustive rerelease programme of the Genesis catalogue with Genesis – The Movie Box.
The five DVD box-set, with new 2009 5.1 DTS and Dolby Digital sound mixes, makes available on DVD for the very first time The Mama Tour and Three Sides Live. The full box includes:
Three Sides Live–the concert film shot in the US and released in tandem with the live album of the same title, which charted in the top ten on both sides of the Atlantic in 1982. Contains extra full length tracks in 5.1 Audio only.
Genesis Live – The Mama Tour–filmed in 1984 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, and featuring the band performing material from the chart-topping Genesis album. Also featuring “The Making of The Mama Album” a home video filmed by Phil Collins during the making of the Genesis album.
Genesis Live At Wembley Stadium–shot during the group’s record-breaking run of four sold-out concerts in July 1987, at the height of their popularity following the release of the number one album Invisible Touch. The DVD also features the tour documentary entitled “Visible Touch”.
Genesis: The Way We Walk – Live In Concert–filmed in 1992 at London’s Earls Court Exhibition Centre, and issued alongside the top three albums The Way We Walk Volume One: the Shorts and Volume Two: the Longs.
Bonus material alongside the Mama Documentary comes in the shape of the updated 2009 version of VH1 Behind The Music special about the band. The original version aired in December 1999.
The box-set is designed so that fans of the group can insert into the packaging the two concert discs from When In Rome 2007 as well as the attendant documentary Come Rain Or Shine disc, filmed during their recent reunion tour.


U2 – Achtung Baby (Super Deluxe Edition) (6CD+4DVD9) (2011)

U2 – Achtung Baby (Super Deluxe Edition) (6CD+4DVD9) (2011)

Label: Mercury / Universal | Catalog number: 602527793702 | Year Album: 2011
Genre: Rock | Audio Codec: FLAC | Type rip: tracks +. Cue
Audio Bitrate: lossless | Duration: 6:08:56 (6xCD)
Duration: 1:15:28 (DVD1) + 1:24:17 (DVD2) + 2:54:48 (DVD3) + 1:58:00 (DVD4)
Size: 2.26 GB (6xCD) + 25.4 GB (4xDVD)

Super Deluxe 10 disc (six CDs + four DVDs) edition including the original Achtung Baby album, the follow-up album, Zooropa, b-sides and re-workings of previously unheard material recorded during the Achtung Baby sessions. Four DVDs including “From The Sky Down”, Zoo TV, all the videos from Achtung Baby plus bonus material. hardback book; and 16 art prints. Digitally remastered edition of the Irish quartet’s groundbreaking 1991album, their seventh studio release overall. While the band had been successful before the release of Achtung Baby, nobody could predict the worldwide domination that followed. Features the hits ‘Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?’, ‘The Fly’, ‘One’ and ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’.


Cliff Richard: Still Reelin’ And A-Rockin’ Live At Sydney Opera House (2013) 720p MBluRay x264-LiQUiD

Cliff Richard: Still Reelin’ And A-Rockin’ Live At Sydney Opera House (2013) 720p MBluRay x264-LiQUiD
English | Subtitles: none
2hr 8mn | 720p BluRay | 1280×720 | mkv @ 4595 Kbps | DTS 5.1 @ 1509 Kbps | 5.46 GB
Genre(s): rock, pop, rock.and.roll, pop.rock, concert
Blu-ray Info

Backed by a new band line-up, Cliff Richard spectacularly returns on DVD; the only place to see the complete live set from Australia’s iconic Sydney Opera House. Combining over 2 hours of Cliff’s Rock ‘n’ Roll hits such as The Young Ones and Devil Woman with legendary favourites such as Reelin’ and Rockin’, Willie and the Hand Jive and Dream Lover, as well as featuring performance tracks from his new album like Rip it Up and Fabulous, this is Cliff’s most rocking show in years! Exclusive extras go behind the scenes of Cliff’s tour; there’s special access to his wardrobe, his crew and the man himself sharing memories and personal insights from one of music’s most phenomenal careers. Take your place in the best seat in the house for this incredible rock and roll show from the REAL King of Pop!


01.Reelin’ & Rockin’ / My Kinda Life
03.Living Doll
04.Poetry In Motion
05.Sealed With A Kiss
06.Dream Lover
07.12th Of Never
08.”D” In Love
09.Miss You Nights
10.Summer Holiday
11.The Next Time
12.What Car?
13.Singing The Blues
14.Move It
15.Willie And The Hand Jive
16.I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine
17.Fabulous / Paralyzed
18.Ocean Deep
19.The Young Ones
20.Devil Woman
21.Some People
23.It’ll Be Me
24.Rip It Up
25.We Don’t Talk Anymore
26.Wired For Sound
27.I Could Easily Fall / In The Country
28.High Class Baby / Dynamite /
Please Don’t Tease / Forty Days / Do Yo


Dream Theater: Live at Lunar Park 2012 (2013) 720p+1080p MBluRay x264-FKKHD

Dream Theater: Live at Lunar Park 2012 (2013) 1080p MBluRay x264-FKKHD
English | Subtitles: none
2hr 40mn | 720p+1080p MBluRay | 1920×1080 /1280×720 | mkv @ 5854kbps / 8253 Kbps | DTS 5.1 @ 1510 Kbps | 6.55 / 10.9 GB
Genre(s): Concert
Blu-ray Info

Dream Theater began their mammoth A Dramatic Tour Of Events world trek in July 2011 with the final leg in South America taking place in August 2012. It was here at the Luna Park arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina that they decided to film the two nights that go to make up this DVD release. It was Dream Theater’s first tour with new drummer Mike Mangini and all the tracks from their first album together A Dramatic Turn Of Events are included in either the main show or the bonus performances. Dream Theater are rock s supreme virtuosos with many awards to their name and here in concert they bring all the power and drama of their music to life with breathtaking performances of classic tracks from across their career.


1) Bridges In The Sky
2) 6:00
3) The Dark Eternal Night
4) This Is The Life
5) The Root Of All Evil
6) Lost Not Forgotten
7) Drum Solo
8) A Fortune In Lies
9) The Silent Man
10) Beneath The Surface
11) Outcry
12) Piano Solo
13) Surrounded
14) On The Backs Of Angels
15) War Inside My Head
16) The Test That Stumped Them All
17) Guitar Solo
18) The Spirit Carries On
19) Breaking All Illusions
20) Metropolis Pt. 1


Foals: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2013) 720p MBluRay x264-LiQUiD

Foals: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2013) 720p MBluRay x264-LiQUiD
English | Subtitles: none
1hr 27mn | 720p BluRay | 1280×544 | mkv @ 5641 Kbps | DTS 5.1 @ 1509 Kbps | 4.37 GB
Genre(s): indie.rock math.rock, dance.punk, post-rock, concert
Blu-ray Info

Live performance by English indie band Foals. Filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the band perform a selection of tracks from throughout their career including ‘Spanish Sahara’, ‘Inhaler’, ‘My Number’ and ‘Late Night’.

1) Prelude
2) Olympic Airways
3) My Number
4) Bad Habit
5) Milk and Black Spiders
6) Blue Blood
7) Late Night
8) Providence
9) Spanish Sahara
10) Red Sock Pugie
11) Electric Bloom
12) Moon
13) Inhaler
14) Two Steps Twice