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Celtic Woman – Collection (2004-2013) FLAC

Celtic Woman – Collection (2004-2013) FLAC

Year of release: 2004-2013 | Quality: FLAC | Bitrate: Lossless | Total time: 03.29.59 | Total size: 4,70 Gb
Genre : Celtic, Folk, New Age, Adult Contemporary,Classical | Label: Manhattan Records

Celtic Woman is an all-female Irish musical ensemble conceived and assembled by Sharon Browne and David Downes, a former musical director of the Irish stage show Riverdance.In 2004, he recruited five Irish female musicians who had not previously performed together: vocalists Chloë Agnew, Órla Fallon, Lisa Kelly and Méav Ní Mhaolchatha, and fiddler Máiréad Nesbitt, and shaped them into the first lineup of the group that he named Celtic Woman. Downes chose a repertoire that ranged from traditional Celtic tunes to modern songs.
The group’s lineup has changed over the years; in 2009, the group consisted of Chloë Agnew, Lynn Hilary, Lisa Kelly, Alex Sharpe and fiddler Máiréad Nesbitt; Alex Sharpe left the group in May 2010.Eight albums have been released under the name “Celtic Woman”: Celtic Woman, Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration, Celtic Woman: A New Journey, Celtic Woman: The Greatest Journey, Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart, Celtic Woman: Lullaby, Celtic Woman: Believe and Celtic Woman: Home for Christmas. The group has undertaken a number of world tours. Cumulatively, albums by Celtic Woman have sold over 6 million records worldwide.
The foundation for Celtic music’s popularity outside Ireland and Europe was built by tapping into the success of artists such as Enya, Moya Brennan and Clannad, along with stage shows Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. Celtic Woman has been described as being “Riverdance for the voice.”

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Yehudi Menuhin – Ritratti (2013) [FLAC]

Yehudi Menuhin-Ritratti-CD-FLAC-2013-JAZZflac Download

Yehudi Menuhin-Ritratti-CD-FLAC-2013-JAZZflac

Description :

Artist : Yehudi Menuhin
Title : Ritratti
Year : 2013
Label : n/a
Genre : Classical
Type : Album
Ripped on: 07.17.2013
Ripper : Guess who
Quality : 268kbps
Size : 132,05 MB
Playtime : 69:49 min
Grabber : EAC
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1

01. Bach Sonata 3 Adagio 04:45
02. Bach Sonata 3 Fugue 10:14
03. Bach Sonata 3 Largo 04:23
04. Bach Sonata 3 Allegro Assai 03:50
05. Bramhs no 1 Allegro ma non troppo 10:16
06. Bramhs no 1 Adagio 08:06
07. Bramhs no 1 Allegro molto moderato 08:06
08. Bach Sonata 3 Adagio 06:12
09. Bach Sonata 3 Adagio 03:34
10. Bach Sonata 3 Adagio ma non tanto 06:07
11. Bach Sonata 3 Allegro 04:16

Not dedicated to nukers that nukes us because of a mising tg ON
cd (tag was next to cd !!).

Useless ppl.
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VA – Masters Of Classical Music (10CD Box Set) (2008) [FLAC]

VA – Masters Of Classical Music (10CD Box Set) (2008) [FLAC]

EAC rip | 10CD | FLAC – Log – Cue | Release: 2008 | 2.45 GB
Genre: Classic

I received this boxed set of CDs for my eleventh birthday. Before, I really hadn’t heard a variaty of classical music, but I understood classical music better after listening to this set. I am a piano student, so this set was beneficial to me in that area, as well. I was exposed to music of three of the four eras, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic. This set gives some of the most famous works of some of the millenium’s best composers. It’s a good, basic introduction to classical music, and I would recommend it to any person who is just discovering the centuries-old magic of this genre. My collection of CDs grew rapidly after listening to this collection because my music appreciation grew. Now, three years later, I am very fond of classical music and own over fifty classical CDs. I’d like to think that this set is what sparked my interest.

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Pablo Casals – The Complete Published EMI Recordings (1926-1955) (2009) (9CDBox Set) [FLAC]

Pablo Casals – The Complete Published EMI Recordings (1926-1955) (2009) (9CDBox Set) [FLAC]

Release: 2009 | EAC Rip | Format: FLAC (Track) +.Cue +Log +Cover | Size: 1,47 GB
Genre: Classical | Label: EMI Classics

One of the great triple threats in classical music, Casals was a noted composer, distinguished conductor and world-renowned cellist. This beautiful set comprises Casals’ complete recordings for EMI Classics, including his internationally celebratedrecordings of Bach’s Cello Suites . They stand alongside sonatas by Beethoven and Brahms; concertos by Dvorak and Elgar; trios by Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Haydn and Beethoven, and pieces composed by the treasured cello virtuoso (and tenacious campaigner for peace) himself!

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Nigel Kennedy – Just Listen… (1992) [FLAC]

Nigel Kennedy-Just Listen...-CD-FLAC-1992-FORSAKEN Download

Nigel Kennedy-Just Listen…-CD-FLAC-1992-FORSAKEN

Description :

Artist : Nigel Kennedy
Album : Just Listen…
Label : EMI
Genre : Classical
Source : CD
Street Date : 1992-04-14
Quality : 491 kbps / 44.1kHz / 2 channels
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1
Size : 263.40 MB
Time : 69:49 min
Url :

1. Violin Concerto in D, Op.35: I. Allegro moderato (feat. 19:49
London Philharmonic Orchestra)
2. Violin Concerto in D, Op.35: II. Canzonetta (Andante) (feat. 7:04
London Philharmonic Orchestra)
3. Violin Concerto in D, Op.35: III. Finale (Allegro 11:11
vivacissimo) (feat. London Philharmonic Orchestra)
4. Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47: I. Allegro moderato 16:17
(feat. City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra)
5. Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47: II. Adagio di molto 8:13
(feat. City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra)
6. Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47: III. Allegro, ma non 7:15
tanto (feat. City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra)

Nigel Kennedy (oops, now he’s just “Kennedy”) has spent more time
thinking about music than playing it, and it shows. In England,
he’s held up as some sort of victim of the terrible commercial
world of classical music promotion and exploitation, against
which he is a voice of lonely rebellion. Maybe. But he’s also a
thoroughly mediocre violinist, and these performances are best
passed over and forgotten.
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Dinu Lipatti – The Master Pianist (7 CD Box Set) (2008) [APE]

Dinu Lipatti – The Master Pianist (7 CD Box Set) (2008) [APE]

Release: 2008 | EAC Rip | Format: APE (Image) +.Cue +Log | Size: 1,16 GB
Genre: Classical, Piano, Orchestra | Label: EMI Classics

Dinu Lipatti- The Master Pianist plays Bach, Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Grieg, Schumann, Bartok and Schubert on this seven CD set. Dinu Lipatti (1917- 1950 ) was a Romanian classical pianist and composer whose career was tragically cut short by his death from Hodgkin’s disease at age 33. Despite his short career and a relatively small recorded legacy, Lipatti is considered one of the finest pianists of the 20th century.

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