Bart Davenport-Physical World-PROMO-CD-FLAC-2014-DCRD

Bart Davenport-Physical World-PROMO-CD-FLAC-2014-DCRD Download

Bart Davenport-Physical World-PROMO-CD-FLAC-2014-DCRD

Description :

: ||
|. :| _artist……: Bart Davenport
: || _album…….: Physical World
: |: _year……..: 2014
. | _genre…….: Pop
. | _style…….: Funk, Soul
: _label…….: Lovemonk
_source……: CDDA
_codec…….: FLAC 1.2.1
_quality…..: avg. 886kbps 44,1kHz
_tracks……: 10
_size……..: 251,11MB
_length……: 39:19
_proof…….: Yes [x] / No [ ]


01. Wearing The Changes 04:30
02. Fuck Fame 04:11
03. Dust In The Circuits 03:47
04. On Your Own Planet 04:20
05. Girl Gotta Way 05:01
06. Pamela 03:02
07. Physical World 04:08
08. Every Little Step 02:43
09. Vow 03:55
10. Loop In My Head 03:42

39:19 min

_description.: West Coast singer/songwriter Bart Davenport has been a
lot of things over the course of his long career: a
bluesy garage rocker, a retro-soul crooner, a folkie on
his most recent solo album Searching for Bart

What he does best, though, is ’70s-tinged soft rock,
and his 2014 album Physical World works incredibly well
because it sticks closely to the soft sounds/sweet
melodies/catchy songs formula of his best album (2003’s
Game Preserve).

Working with a small band that includes guitarist Wayne
Faler of Dream Boys, bassist Jessica Espeleta, a couple
of drummers, and keyboardist Nathan Shafer, Davenport
gets a sound that’s simple and direct, while still
radiating warmth through the speakers like one of those
lamps people use to fight seasonal affective disorder.

His soothing vocals are the focus, as he floats through
the songs like the reincarnation of some lost Laurel
Canyon craftsman dropping nuggets of wistful wisdom and
comforting broken hearts along the way. The band is
right there with him at all times, Faler’s guitar fills
and leads are exemplary, and Shafer provides rich beds
of synths and gentle electric piano vamping that give
the songs some extra kick.

The variety of sounds and styles the group explores on
the album is impressive too, ranging from late-night
ballads (the very 10cc-sounding “Girl Gotta Way”) and
bouncy ’80s radio pop (“Dust in the Circuits”) to
pulsing rockers that sound like Rick Springfield if he
were way more relaxed (“Vow”), and even a little
politics on the most chill protest song of all time
(“Fuck Fame”).

Whatever strain of soft rock they try, Davenport and
his able crew sound like they are having a blast
playing and singing, and that feeling translates to the

It makes the album a true pleasure to listen to, and
Physical World gives Game Preserve a run for its money
as Davenport’s best stuff yet.


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