Amos Lee – Spirit (2016) [Web FLAC]

Year:19 August 2016

Amos Lee has explained that he wrote the title track for his newest release after being moved by a New Orleans street singer he encountered. The singer, who had been performing to no one in particular, had a deep connection with his music and passed it on to his one-man audience. Spirit exudes that feeling of connection. It s not that Lee ever veered too far from the sort of honest, intimate songwriting that marked his earliest work, but perhaps he needed a bit of a reboot. These songs are raw and open; they touch a nerve. There s a fervor to the performances, a realism in the stories. Vaporize, one of the first tracks released from the album, is enveloping, its soul/gospel buoyancy anathema to the heartbreak expressed: I can t seem to find a little piece of mind, Lee sings. I guess I ll just vaporize everything that s inside. A more expansive production stacked vocals, Lee s and Luther Dickinson s Southern-fried guitars, keyboard colorings dominates Highways and Clouds, but what might be just a road song in other hands becomes a voyage into the unknown in Lee s. But sometimes it s all just alright: Oh I ll sing for you/ What more can I do/ Oh I ll sing for you, Lee offers in the mostly acoustic One Lonely Night, and you re more than happy to take him up on his offer.

01. New Love
02. Running Out Of Time
03. Spirit
04. Lost Child
05. Highways And Clouds
06. Lightly
07. One Lonely Light
08. Wait Up For Me
09. Till You Come Back Through
10. Hurt Me
11. Vaporize
12. Walls
13. With You