Adrenaline Rush – Soul Survivor (2017) [WEB FLAC]

Adrenaline Rush - Soul Survivor (2017) [WEB FLAC] Download

Artist: Adrenaline Rush
Album: Soul Survivor
Genre: Hard Rock
Year: 2017
Size: ~ 396 mb
Source: Digital Download
Quality: lossless
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz / 16 Bit


Vocalist Tave Wanning remains on the path to becoming this generation’s hard rock and heavy metal goddess, the heir apparent to Lita Ford and Doro Pesch. Those are some large stiletto high heels to fill. But Ms Wanning ain’t that little girl from the Swedish pop duo Peaches anymore. Nope. She’s a full blown hotty and heartbreaker, ballbuster and maneater. Why do you think she graces the cover of her second album, Soul Survivor? The new album comes with some personnel changes, with Joel Fox and Sam Soderlindh, jumping in on bass and lead guitar, respectively.
Perhaps, some more changes have come with Soul Survivor. Wanning and her boy crew are rocking things a might heavier. Things have been reversed since the debut album. Instead of melodic hard rock with a metal edge, the songs here are straight melodic heavy metal, with the rock groove simply supporting the bracing twin guitar riffage and the brisk pacing of the booming rhythm section. And sometimes the tempo will remind you of power metal in it’s swiftness. Then there’s oodles of blistering guitar solos from Soderlindh that set each song on fire. At the front of this mix, Wanning holds her own, thanks to her natural strong and melodic voice and some exceptional production.
So Soul Survivor is something of a fifty minute adrenaline rush. No pun intended. I’m pretty sure that’s what Wanning intended from the start. Songs such as Adrenaline, Stand My Ground, Crash, and the quite catchy Wild Side are melodic metal barn burners. If there is any subtlety to be found it’s probably in the title cut. Soul Survivor is something of a metal anthem with a moderate pace, flatter riffage blended with a piano and synth layer, and a chilling guitar solo. All in all, Adrenaline Rush’s Soul Survivor is a step forward for this Tave Wanning band, a blistering album of melodic heavy metal in a hard rock wrapper. Easily recommended.


01. Adrenaline Rush – Adrenaline [00:03:41]
02. Adrenaline Rush – Love Like Poison [00:04:46]
03. Adrenaline Rush – Breaking the Chains [00:03:52]
04. Adrenaline Rush – Soul Survivor [00:04:44]
05. Adrenaline Rush – Stand My Ground [00:04:10]
06. Adrenaline Rush – My Life [00:03:51]
07. Adrenaline Rush – Break the Silence [00:03:40]
08. Adrenaline Rush – Sinner [00:03:56]
09. Adrenaline Rush – Shock Me [00:03:42]
10. Adrenaline Rush – Wild Side [00:03:48]
11. Adrenaline Rush – Don’t Wake Me Up [00:03:46]
12. Adrenaline Rush – Crash [00:03:57]
13. Adrenaline Rush – Soul Survivor – Acoustic Version (Bonus Track) [00:04:43]